Recent Exhibition


From 20th Nov. to 30th Nov. 2013
International Film Festival of India, Painting Gallery At INOX, Panjim, GOA

Art Exhibition inaugurated by Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon...

"In the long history of art, there have been quite a few definitions of contemporary paintings and its purpose in our life. The most surprising are the one’s that tells the story of inner journey by opening up a huge cache of subjects and supplementing the revelations on canvas with spiritual experiences in life. When I met Pratiksha at the International Film Festival of India in Goa in 2013, I was delighted to see the breathtaking candour of her personality and its reflection on her paintings.

Her mystic works, some of which were also part of the film festival’s exhibition tells the story of a seeker’s life. There is something about this spiritually curious subject in her paintings that puts Pratiksha in a different league from most contemporary painters.  Her decision to bid adieu to successful career in fashion designing to embark on inner journey is indeed an awesome achievement for a woman in today’s world."


Pratiksha Apurv :: Spiritual Odyssey