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Episode 31 - Born into Osho's family Interview with Great Meditation Spiritual Painting Artist Pratiksha Apurv Great Meditation & Spiritual Painting Artist Pratiksha Apurv from New Delhi
Mystical Moments (Lalit Kala Academy, 18 - 24 March 2018) Tejasvini : Interview with Pratiksha Apurv Coloures of India Pratiksha Apurv
Aaj Savere : An interview with Pratiksha Apurv Pratiksha Apruv (Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum) A News Report by Doordarshan on "Mystical Moments" paintings by Pratiksha Apurv
Inauguration of Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum - 25.07.2016 Pratiksha Apurv at 57th National Exhibition of Art 2015-2016, Lucknow Soul of Asia, Pratiksha Apurv, Goa, 2013
Day & Night - Punjab Kala Bhavan, Chandigarh Hansraj Hans speaking about Pratiksha Apurv Exhibition, Punjab Kala Bhavan, Chandigarh Ek Mulakat Pratiksha Apurv - Doordarshan Chandigargh
Evening Live Show July 2011 Spiritual Odyssey inaugurated by
Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi,
Chief Minister, Gujarat - 25 March 2010
Ahmedabad Exhibition,
March 2010
L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre,
25 March 2010

Sahara Samay, Lalitkala Exhib.,
New Delhi, April 08

Sahara Samay News on
10th February 2007
Evening Live Show Kala Parikrama Mumbai (NCPA) Exhibition,
26th Sep.-30th Sep. 2007
1st Exhibition--- 1st Feb. 2007