Recent Exhibition

8th April to 14th April 2013,"Punjab Kala Bhavan", Sector 16, Chandigarh

Shivraj V. Patil said each painting of Pratiksha Apurv depicts beautiful movements lived in a meditative environment. He said each painting has its own history, highlighting the relationship between the creator and the canvas. The paintings have the vision of her master.

Appreciating the art work of Pratiksha, Patil said this exhibition will help in awakening the inner spark amongst all those who come to witness it. He said inner world is bigger than the outer world and in all the 32 paintings of Pratiksha in this exhibition was an invitation to learn more about Osho’s teachings and experiences.

“In her paintings one can witness what Osho always said that both inner and outer life is important. I have seen beauty of divine in her paintings and various forms of godliness. She explained the most important message of our life through her paintings,” Patil Said adding that her paintings simplifies the complex journey of our life.

World renowned Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans who have known Pratiksha since she was a fashion designer before embracing painting world, invoked Osho saying Osho never died..he is here and he is with Pratiksha.

“She belongs to Osho family. Even the winds that touched Osho’s house turned spiritual. She was born in that family and she is already enlightened,” Hans Raj hans said.

He fondly remembered that Pratiksha used to design his clothes and that gave him a spiritual energy.

“I’m so grateful that she designed for me. I kept her clothes and only wear it when I have to perform in some big concerts. I feel secure wearing her design. It has spiritual blessings,” Hans Raj Hans added.